As the Baltic Sea gives us unique wreck diving possibilities you are invited to enjoy this with us. Below you can find information on wrecks in Estonia.

Tallinn Bay


Max depth:15m
Points of interest:Tug-hook, toilet, compass housing, telegraph unit in engine room
Hazards:sharp metal edges
Minimum level:OWD

Tugboat "Heino" (former "General Surovtsev) was built in 1902. in Riga. "Heino" sank on the 21st of november 1944 when a magnet mine exploded next to the ship. Three crewmen died. Wreck lies close to the island of Aegna. The explosion has detached a part of engine room wall and captain's bridge. The rest of the ship is quite well preserved.


Max depth:16m
Points of interest:old anchor, the helm
Hazards:sharp metal edges
Minimum level:OWD

Tugboat "Tutti" was built in 1898 in Hamburgis for the company called Thomas Clayhill & Sons. Like "Heino" it also sank on the 21st of november 1944 by a magnet mine. One crewmen died because got stuck in the engine room. "Tutti" lies near the island Aegna. It is quite well preserved Even the helm is standing. There is an old anchor near starboard side partially under the wreck. It can't belong to "Tutti" because of its size and the anchor chain attached to it that goes on for 50m away from the wreck.


Max depth:27m
127 brt
Points of interest:the helm, engine room
Hazards:depth, nets, current
Minimum level:AOWD + Deep Diver specialty

Formerly a Dutch fishing trawler (ex Marie, KW 40) was a German Ost-Reval flotilla guardship with the designation ORe-35. In 1943 the germans used the ship to trawl for mines in Tallinn Bay and so it sank on the 24th of May in 1943. The ship was built in 1916 in Maasluij ship factory. The displacement of the ship was 127 brt. and it lays on 27m. The strong explosion has distorted the whole forward and middle section of the ship.


Max depth:26m
Points of interest:The helm, cargo holds, aft, oven with ceramic tiles on the deck
Hazards:nets, darkness
Minimum level:AOWD

The sailboat was built in 1917 in Koivisto, Finland . Length of the ship is 32,27m, width is 8,67m and draft 3,62m. Displacement was 226 BRT. The sailboat was named "Polaris" until 1938 when it was sold to a shipping company in Estonia called "Raa" . Since there already was a ship named "Polaris" in Estonia then it was renamed "Raa". It is believed that the ship sank on the 8th of August in 1941 in an explosion. Now "Raa" is on 26m near the island of Aegna on its keel. All deck constructions are gone and the interior is also in disorder.


Max depth:44m
Points of interest:forward section, steering house
Hazards:depth, cold darkness
Minimum level:AOWD + Deep Diver specialty

MO-4 or the "Malõi Ohotnik" is a fast destroyer with a wooden hull, low sides and powerful engines. It reached speeds up to 26 knots and was armed with 2x 45mm ja 2x 12,7 mm machine guns. It also carried loads of different bombs and other ammunition. The crew consisted of 21 men. It lays on 44m in Tallinn Bay directly on a shipping route and requires a special permit to dive to. The torpedoes in the aft section were demolished in the mid 90's.


Max depth:9,5m
Minimum level:OWD

Small fishing boat TRP. Submerged in 1993 by local fishermen, after first signs of leaking in harbor. To prevent sinking in harbor, local seamen loaded boat with crap they find in harbor, towed boat to the open sea and sink it. All usable parts are removed and beside the wreck is still lying lot of trash, like car parts, cables, headed with old tea cattle. Located on seabed upside down.

Jaen Teär

Max depth:39m
Points of interest:the helm, remains of masts, compass remains
Hazards:nets, depth, darkness
Minimum level:AOWD

Under heritage protection!

Jaen Teär is in Tallinn Bay to the west of Vahe-madal. The sailboat sank in 1944 and was built in Saaremaal in 1926. It sank because the fresh ice in wintertime cut through the hull. Grain was being transported at the time of sinking and that grain is there to this day. The helm is well preserved and there are remains of the compass on the decks. The wreck sits on its keel on 39m and is unfortunately on a shipping route. Special permit has to be obtained.


Max depth:3m
Minimum level:OWD

Was build in germany 1943. 1946 after ending of WW2 got Estonian Soviet Republic as a war reparation from germany boat and name it "Traktoristka". Boat was build from ferro concrete and equipped with airship engines. In the 1952 ship ran a ground near the island "Naissaar". On the rescue attempts, big rocks broke bottom of the ship and the ship was abandoned. Today wreck is laying near the island in the depths of 1-3 m. Stern and bow are separated in distance of 25 m. Ground near the wreck is sandy and rocky with lots of different sea grass.


Max depth:15m
Points of interest:cables inside, hatches, aft section
Hazards:current, cables
Minimum level:OWD

An "Iljusha" type (Projekt 1427) mine trawler that was sunk by the Soviet army. All deck constructions were removed before the sinking. The wreck is now at 15m on its keel.


Max depth:18m
270 brt
Points of interest:forward section
Minimum level:AOWD

A "Vanja" type (Projekt 669) mine trawler sunk by the Soviet army. Forward and middle section damaged by the explosion. Aft section is intact and the wreck lays at 18m on its keel. The ship was made of wood and was powered by two M-870 diesel engines (2400hp) that generated speed up to 14 knots. There was a crew of 32 men.


Max depth:38m
1504 brt
Points of interest:intact hull, captain's bridge, cargo holds, the helm, cabins, engine room
Hazards:depth, cold, dark, nets, possibility of penetration
Minimum level:AOWD + Deep Diver specialty

The wreck lays near the island Naissaare on its kel on 38m. Decks are at depth of 27-33m. The wreck is in one piece and very well preserved. It was built in 1924 in Howaldtswerke in Hamburg and was named. It got to be Bungsberg just for a short while when it was sunk by a mine in 1943. There is damage visible on the forward starboard side.



Max depth:7m
Minimum level:OWD

History of this boat is still unknown, but it seams, that it is sunken purposely, on the times soviet army leave Estonia in 1990 s. Small armor boat is in great shape and lays at 7-8 m on its keel. In the bow section on the right side of wreck is broken gun platform. Captains cabin in still in place and can be examined. All valuable equipment and metal parts are removed before sinking.

KFK type fishing trawler MRT

Max depth:52m
Minimum level:Technical

Stella (No.6)

Max depth:69m
475 BRT
Minimum level: Trimix diver

The vessel was built for the "Flensburg-Stettiner Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft" in 1889. Sunk on 22.08.1915


Submarine P-613 (whiskey)

Max depth:50m
Minimum level:Technical

sunk between 1990 and 1993